We invite you to review our unique compliance portfolio developed for the benefit of our customers as global trade opens doors to unexplored or changing markets, new products and technologies, new clients or expanded and more complex supply chains.

Foreign trade can introduce compliance challenges in context of regulatory requirements. Therefore diligent and quality freight forwarders have duty to secure shippers and consignees against operational risks as damage, loss, delay, environmental risks, ineffective documentation, lack of compliance to customs regulations and fiscal risks.

Communication and forwarding practices must be valid, fast, timely, sincere, transparent and in context of professional business norms. It is debatable whether a freight forwarder lacking accredited corporate solvency, service quality, conformity to environmental regulation, compliance to industry standards and best practices and a code of business ethical conduct would stand up to manage successfully supply chain risks for customer benefit.

Contracts with partners and clients should be made out in a legally and fiscally correct way. There may be country specific risks in customs regulations, filings and announcements of freight to destination, complex and connected IT applications and integrated Enterprise Resource Planning systems. Risk management means to analyze and react to all potentially occurring risks for the benefit of the customer. Control systems are as important as training of employees and a clearly defined crisis management.

Compliance, as well as risk management denotes good corporate governance. Freight forwarders, which have pro-actively implemented a certified compliance management system, are eager to detect and eliminate weaknesses and gaps. Compliance regulations are the link between governmental regulation on the one hand, business community and employees on the other.

Pre-defined responsibilities, control systems, standards and codes of conducts enable employees to make informed business decisions quickly and with confidence. We know that protection against fraud, corruption and data abuse is not easy for transportation & logistics companies.

They are confronted with enormous competition and the international freight transport signifies collaboration with different countries and cultures. In some parts of the world, there exists only a narrow path between local business practices and fraudulent delict.