We provide Customs Clearance services for cargo arriving into Greece or departing from, through the ports of Piraeus and Thessaloniki, the airports of Athens and Thessaloniki and the Athens and Thessaloniki railheads, as well as at inland customs located in other major Greek cities, industrial parks and trade zones. Customs clearance services are provided also for cargo transiting Greece for delivery to adjacent Balkan countries of Albania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro etc.For goods under temporary importation into Greece and re-exportation, we manage Carnet ATA documents through Customs; provide bonded storage through and arrange redelivery.

Regarding cargo originating overseas and arriving into the European Union (EU) through a port or airport outside Greece, although bound for a final destination in Greece, if this cargo has not received European customs clearance at the port or airport of entry in the EU, has to be accompanied by a valid T1 document issued by the EU customs of entry. On arrival in Greece, this cargo has to go under customs bond until its T1 document is cleared at the Greek customs. Regarding cargo originating in the EU but shipped to Greece by boat, this cargo has to be accompanied by a T2L document, issued by the European customs of origin, and on cargo’s arrival to clear at the port customs.



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