Fiscal representation may be of interest in companies established outside Greece, buying merchandise from a third country (non-EU) and selling/shipping it directly into Greece as first EU country of entry to receive customs clearance on arrival under their own VAT No. This way they do not reveal to Greek buyers their source of imported merchandise. Such companies can obtain through a “fiscal representative” a Greek VAT registration to serve for their imports into the country that whilst remaining accountable for payment of duty and VAT to the Greek authorities.

This is possible to set it up with Greek Authorities if a fiscal representative has been nominated. A system is enabled initiating registration with fiscal authorities and maintaining locally VAT accounts, book-keeping and records on behalf of the company shipping the goods. Considering that incoming cargo under such status requires freight and transport services, we can serve interested traders and shippers both as their freight forwarder and fiscal representative in Greece with responsibility and confidentiality, protecting their commercial interests and sources of supply.



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