We maintain an accredited policy for Business Continuity, Security and Data Recovery. Without our electronically stored information required to offer and provide Freight Forwarding, Logistics and Supply Chain services we cannot attain and produce any transports. Such information relates to our customers, suppliers, agents and subcontractors, as well as to import, export and transit freight, handling, storage, packaging, transportation equipment, freight rates, transport terms and conditions, documentation, itineraries and any other necessary pieces of information. These data reflect into electronic correspondence and documentation, ERP and CRM entries and EDI system records. As there is continuous exchange of electronic information on correspondence and processing, their security and availability depends on the security of our IT systems.

For this reason we have set up a security policy which is summarized as follows.
  1. Protection from threats and weaknesses: We owe to protect our IT system against internal and external threats, deliberate or accidental that might disrupt its operations. Such protection refers to maintaining confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.
  2. Policy or proper use: We maintain human resources for productive and effective operations. However, administrative and legal issues reflecting ethical conduct should account to assure effective and proper use of information.
  3. Business continuity: Security of our IT systems aims to protect from a range of threats to control business continuity, minimize business damage and maximize return on investment and business opportunities.
  4. Protection of property and technology: All emerging, process or stored information are company capital accessible in company IT system. Security policy focuses on electronically transferred and processing info and therefore on protection of technologies to receive, store, process and transfer. Same principles stand for security of info in physical form as documents, or verbal communication.

In such framework instructing documents have been published for (1) Proper Use of IT system, (2) Plan of business continuity and disaster recovery, (3) Assessment of the value of IT equipment and (4) Logbook to register incidents of failure and insecurity. IT systems are regularly under internal & external audit.